Truro fans must be patient, says City chairman Richards

Truro fans must be patient, says City chairman Richards

14th April 2021

Gareth Davies

Chairman Jack Richards has called for patience from Truro City supporters after last week revealing to the Voice that talks on both a new and temporary home for the club were ongoing.

Richards’ comments have provoked a mixed reaction amongst the White Tigers’ faithful with some supporters welcoming his updates while others feeling that the lack of definitive information is worrying for the future.

However, Richards has once again moved to reassure supporters that the future of the club is secure and the news that manager Paul Wotton has committed his long-term future was testament to Truro being on a sounder footing than some have indicated.

Richards also revealed that temporary stands that had been used at Treyew Road will be moved to Boscawen Park, home of South West Peninsula League Premier West side St Dennis.

“At the end of the day it is a case of being patient, but there is a certain amount of realism to the situation as well,” Richards told the Voice. “Things haven’t been going slow for supporters because of a lack of football, it is because we have been in a serious lockdown. This creates an illusion that nothing is going on, but we have been full-on in trying to get the agreement with the Treyew Road land owners JIL, to get the section 106 monies paid across.

“The need to find a facility to play in next season is ongoing as I said previously and the other element is that Paul Wotton has signed a new contract. There has been snippets of news coming out, but not a lot. We are not one of these ‘blah, blah, blah’ kind of clubs because we just get on with our job and ensure we do it well.

“We have moved the temporary stands away from Treyew Road and they will be stored at a local club (St Dennis) for the time being. When Langarth is ready for us, those stands will travel with us as a temporary fall back.

“The stadium will be built in phases and we have to respect that and fit in when and where we can. We are still hoping that the Stadium for Cornwall will start at some stage with a pitch, lights, changing rooms and the minimum facilities for Truro City to come back as soon as possible – that is one thing for sure.”

Richards, a former England Test cricketer who was an Ashes winner alongside legends of the game such as Sir Ian Botham in 1986-87, went onto add that the contract extension from Wotton will help City ‘go upwards and onwards’.

“What Paul has done for the club, along with his presence and experience, is vital,” Richards enthused. “Truro City are very happy to have such a good link with someone who has experience in the Football League. He has experience as an assistant at Plymouth Argyle and he is looking forward to staying with Truro City and that is also vital.

“We need the right type of coach that will maintain standards and help us go upwards and onwards. We don’t want to languish where we are, and we have already proved our intent through the owner Dicky Evans on why and how we have employed the players. We have tried to keep continuity with the players’ structure so there is a certain element, despite the difficulties of covid, to improve Truro City Football Club.

“This will ensure the future of the club and supporters may complain left, right and centre about what’s going on, but we have shown at Truro that we have a good team. We will have good access to loan players again once the covid crisis starts to ease and I honestly think and we were still the team to beat over the last two seasons.

“Even on that, we were perhaps unlucky to be relegated three years ago. We are lucky with Paul and the group of players we have but others are looking to join Truro City also.

“Somewhere along the line, contrary to what people may say, we are doing something good."