Saints excited ‘like kids at Christmas’ for league start

Saints excited ‘like kids at Christmas’ for league start

St Erme in action at Castlefields

2nd April 2021

By Gareth Davies

St Erme return to Trelawny League action this coming Saturday when they travel to St Buryan and club secretary Eliott Jolly says his players are excited ‘like kids at Christmas’ to be back playing once more.

Saints face a long trip west to St Buryan as they restart their Division Two season and play for the first time since mid-December when they thrashed Rosudgeon reserves 10-0 at Castlefields.

A combination of pre-Christmas postponements due to the weather and the third national lockdown saw St Erme kicking their heels ever since the Rosdugeon rout.

Previewing Saturday’s match at St Buryan, Jolly, who plays for St Erme too, revealed that his side are determined to play with a smile on their collective faces in the final five league encounters.

“It has been a long break compared to previously,” Jolly told the Voice. “We had our first training session on Monday, and it was our first one for a while. The lads are like kids at Christmas, they are all excited to get back playing and they want to enjoy the remainder of the season.

“We are looking forward to it and we said to the lads that during the lockdown they should try and keep themselves as fit as they can. I do a lot of mountain biking and some of the lads have been doing a lot of running, whilst others have been doing little bits when they can.

“There are some players that haven’t been able to do anything, but that will just add to the fun of it I suppose. All players and teams will be in a similar boat I guess because they weren’t able to train until Monday.”

Although St Buryan is one of St Erme’s longest trips of the season, Jolly says he isn’t fussed where his side play on Saturday and acknowledges that Trelawny players and teams are in a fortunate position, as some football leagues and other sporting disciplines are unable to begin just yet.

He added: “To be able to be in a position where we can play again is amazing. If you look at rugby or football higher up the leagues, they can’t do anything, so we are in a great position to be able to play. A trip down to St Buryan is all part of the enjoyment and we will all have to go on our own and change before we get there too.

“Just to get back with the squad of players and feel that enjoyment is all we are worried about - we would have played anywhere really.”

Of St Erme’s final five league matches, only one, on April 24 against St Day ‘A’ will be played at Castlefields while the other four matches take place away from home. Jolly admits that this schedule in a competitive division will be ‘tough’ but once again reiterated that being able to play again is all that matters.

“We are fifth in the league and it is a really tough league,” he said. “We have had results where we have just fallen short although in our last game we beat Rosudgeon and everything clicked into gear. We were all buzzing, but then the season was stopped again.
“Starting up once more won’t be easy and the bottom three or four teams have all opted not to play again. The top seven sides have said they want to play on and they are all tough teams to play against so it will be a challenge. The games will be tough but it’s just nice to be back playing.”

Meanwhile, St Erme have also announced that they will play a friendly match next Wednesday, April 7 on home soil against Mount Ambrose – a match that Jolly says will improve ‘continuity’ for his side.

“I have got us a friendly as well to help us get up to speed,” he revealed. “We will be playing Mount Ambrose up at Castlefields next Wednesday. We will have a training session this week, play on Saturday and by having another game next Wednesday, we will have some continuity before we play another Saturday match.”