New Truro ground talks are ‘ongoing’

New Truro ground talks are ‘ongoing’

Jack Richards

9th April 2021

By Gareth Davies

Chairman Jack Richards has revealed that discussions are ‘ongoing’ regarding Truro City’s new ground at Langarth and their temporary switch to Plymouth Parkway.

The White Tigers vacated Treyew Road in January this year with monies paid to the local council - to then be used by the club - by developer JIL who are set to build a Lidl supermarket on City’s now former home.

Truro moved quickly to agree in principal a ground sharing agreement with Western League side Parkway, who themselves are eyeing a promotion into the Southern League.
Although murmurings of discontent have started to emanate from City’s supporter base due to a perceived lack of progress, Richards says that given the current circumstances due to covid-19, the club are doing all they can.

“Because of the local council elections everything is going a little slow at the moment in terms of Langarth,” the former Ashes winning batsman told the Voice. “We still have our agreement to play next season at Plymouth Parkway on August 14 and they have obvious aspirations to improve their facilities. That is still the plan and while we are playing there, work can begin at Langarth.

“That will enable us to play at Langarth for the start of following season – 2022-23. All the documents and the application has been made to play at Plymouth Parkway. The agreement to do that has been sent to the FA, we are now just waiting for ratification on that.

“We are hopeful that we are doing the right thing and we are doing all we can for next season. We have an idea what Plymouth Parkway need to do to make their ground suitable for our level. There has been ongoing discussions about that and we are happy that it’s all progressing along nicely.

“We will have something temporarily for a maximum of one season but if Langarth develops quickly, then we could always move back early.

“Of course, I don’t expect things in Cornwall to move extremely quickly and I don’t think there are too many projects in Cornwall that come in on time.

“The main aim for Truro City is to get to Langarth as soon as possible.”