City manager keen to build a “winning environment”

City manager keen to build a “winning environment”

Striker Tyler Harvey is among many Truro City players who have signed contract extensions at the club. Picture: Micah Crook/PPAUK

19th May 2021

By Gareth Davies

Boss Paul Wotton says that those Truro City players who have signed extended contracts or had their option to stay with the club exercised ‘deserved’ fresh terms.

The quartet of Tyler Harvey, Niall Thompson, Ryan Dickson and Ed Palmer all had their stays with City extended. Meanwhile, Jamie Richards, Rio Garside, Stewart Yetton, George Tucker Ryan Brett, Shane White and Dan Rooney see their services retained for another year due to a clause in their previous deals. Connor Riley-Lowe and Rocky Neal were already secured for the 2021-22 campaign.

With Wotton himself penning a new City deal earlier this year, despite all the off-field upheaval, Truro look like they will begin next term with a squad capable of challenging once more for a return to National League football.

After the player signing news was formally announced by City, Wotton, speaking exclusively to the Voice, said: “The continuity of our squad is really important and we’re not an old squad by any stretch of the imagination, so they have all got good years left in them.

“The lads are all close and we’re trying to build a winning environment that we’re all proud of.

“These players have done absolutely nothing wrong, and they all deserve their extensions.”

Although Wotton was keen to stress that as a collective the vast majority of his squad re-signing was a positive, he was particularly enthused by defender Ed Palmer committing again, with Voice sources revealing that the 29-year-old had considered his future within the semi-professional ranks.

“Ed was out of contract and it took a little longer than I thought it would but that is just the nature of the beast,” Wotton added.

“He is within his rights to take his time to think about things but fortunately for me and the football club, he has decided to be with us next year.

“I won’t lie to you that when I signed him, there was lots of people saying don’t, but Ed has been nothing short of magnificent for me. I love him to bits, and he has performed excellently in the 18 months since he has been back with me. It was therefore a no brainer that we offered him a new deal and we’re glad he’s signed it.”

With Palmer and Jamie Richards set to continue forging their defensive partnership, Tyler Harvey’s contract extension means City look particularly fearsome at both ends of the pitch with Wotton praising the maturity shown by the former Argyle striker.

“With Rocky Neal already under contract and no need to renegotiate with him, it was important that we got Tyler signed up as he is someone I have known for years,” Wotton remarked.

“He is maturing into a real leader as well and he wants to win. Again, he is pivotal to all we do at the football club. To get him signed up to a deal nice and early puts my mind at rest, it puts his mind at rest and we’re all ready for the new season.”

The 2021-22 campaign may not see City begin with Alex Battle and James Hamon in their ranks as both players have deals on the table, although neither are yet to agree to stay.

“Alex Battle has been offered a new deal and he is still thinking it over,” Wotton revealed. “That’s where we are with that and I have nothing more to add. James Hamon is exactly the same and they are both players we would like to keep, but they are keeping their options open.”