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News Archive > Sport > Dickson: Impossible To Fit In All Matches

Dickson: Impossible To Fit In All Matches

By Gareth Davies 15th January 2021

Dickson: Impossible To Fit In All Matches
Truro City midfielder Ryan Dickson says null and voiding the 2020-21 season is the right thing to do

Evergreen Truro City midfielder Ryan Dickson says that completing the 2020-21 season will be ‘impossible’ and backed the Southern League’s decision to favour null and voiding a second successive campaign.

In a statement released last week, the Southern League, along with their Isthmian and Northern counterparts, all said they would favour the campaign ‘ceasing immediately’. Clubs will now be canvassed on their views and although it appears likely that an overwhelming majority will opt for a repeat of 2019-20, nothing is set in stone quite yet and the Southern League will remain suspended until March 6.

Dickson, who joined the White Tigers from National League side Torquay United a year ago, initially on loan before making his move permanent, also says the Southern League are ‘trying to find solutions’ for a division in which most clubs lack Truro’s ambition.

He told the Voice: “Realistically, it is pretty impossible to fit in all the games which is really frustrating, but at the end of the day, in terms of our situation and football in general, everything has to take a back seat. Null and void is the right thing to do, but it will be another season gone. If would put my mortgage on the fact that if this season was last, they would have decided final positions on a points-per-game basis.

“There is no choice this season unless they randomly say that there is some play-off or cup competition, but I can't see that happening.

“We could carry on this season, but eventually it would overlap the leagues above which will finish on time and start next year on time too. With the covid vaccine being rolled out soon, hopefully normality can be resumed, but only time will tell. Circumstances and situations because of covid have obviously worsened so we are now left trying to find solutions.

“Football clubs are businesses and, in our situation, we want to go up the leagues as quick as possible. As harsh as it sounds, we are one of only a handful of clubs in our league that see the situation that way.

“The majority of players and chairman are comfortable at this level with a part time wage and they haven't got the ambition that our football club has of going up and progressing as quick as possible.” Another season left with an asterisk by its side will have huge knock-on effects for sport and football specifically. Clubs at Truro’s level will be left to count the financial cost, but for Dickson himself, who openly acknowledged that he is coming to the twilight years of his career, he admitted that the stop-start nature of the past 18 months means it’s ‘harder’ for the Saltash born man to keep his fitness levels up.

He also revealed that a burning desire to prove doubters wrong for the younger members of the squad, with many players rejected by professional clubs before arriving at Treyew Road, makes for a frustrating situation all round.

He added: “Mentally, in terms of career and wanting to progress, we have a very hungry group. They are in a period where a lot of them have something to prove after playing a few professional games and then being released.

“For them there is a frustration and it is the same for me. I want to be at Truro for as long as I can but the older you get the harder it is to stop and start.

“The six month break before meant it was harder for me to maintain my football fitness. When you are young and youthful, you can pick things up quickly because it comes naturally - when you get older it is something you have to try and maintain. Without football, that is an extremely hard thing to do over a prolonged period and in my terms, it is something that I will just have to deal with it.”

Amongst all the doom and gloom surrounding football and society as a whole, there was light relief from the current pandemic as FA Cup third round weekend – a highly anticipated date in the footballing calendar – has just passed.

Dickson said he was buoyed by the performance of one of his old clubs, Crawley Town, who dumped Premier League newcomers Leeds United out of the competition with a stunning 3-0 home win on Sunday. Southampton, another of Dickson’s former employers, weren’t in action over the weekend as their third-round clash with Shrewsbury Town was called off due to covid-19 cases in the Sallop camp.

This situation for Shrewsbury is similar to that which Truro encountered before Christmas as their FA Trophy tie with Oxford City went the same way due to coronavirus.

Because the outbreak was in the White Tigers’ camp, they forfeited the game and the Thames Valley outfit went through.

With this in mind, did Dickson feel that the Football Association are, or indeed were, guilty of double standards in the handling of two similar incidents in different cup competitions under their jurisdiction?

“Things like this generally happen with politics in football and priorities in the game,” he replied, diplomatically.

“We have young talented players that would have been given a platform to do well in by the FA Trophy.

“I think we would have beaten Oxford and then gone on to do pretty well in the competition. “It would have been good for everyone and despite most of the players having played at a higher level, it was something to get excited about and in all honesty, it was all we really had to look forward to at that stage.

“I do understand that the laws were there and ultimately, we just have to accept them."

By Gareth Davies 15th January 2021

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