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News Archive > Sport > Truro Count Cost That Covid-19 Continues to Have on the Club

Truro Count Cost That Covid-19 Continues to Have on the Club

By Sharon Sullivan 2nd October 2020

Truro Count Cost That Covid-19 Continues to Have on the Club
Truro Rugby Club will not take to the field again before January

Truro Rugby Club reporter Billy Hunter has estimated that the Covid-19 pandemic has cost the club £20,000.

The local stalwart was talk-ing in the wake of the Rugby Football Union’s (RFU) deci-sion to shelve any rugby below the Premiership, Champi-onship and Premier 15’s until January, at the earliest. The move from the RFU was prompted by the government’s implementation of new re-strictions to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Hunter revealed that due to the lack of rugby and events taking place at the St Clements Hill clubhouse, the club have missed out on sizeable rev-enue generators.

He said: “At Easter, Old Dunstonians, who usually come down for a game, could-n’t come this year and that day would normally put around£8,000 behind the bar. I reckon this whole pandemic would have cost us £20,000 so far.

“It isn’t over yet either and what is going to happen at Christmas? The rugby club choir has been singing at old people’s home for 37 years now, we’re not going to be able to do that now.”

Rugby remains at Stage D of the RFU’s ‘return to rugby roadmap’ which allows for group training which goes against the new ‘rule of six’ protocol. However, RFU Presi-dent Jeff Blackett confirmed that the new Covid-19 meas-ures would make any progress on the roadmap, highly un-likely. 

He said: “We are very keen to see competitive rugby being played again. However, given the introduction of further re-strictions to curb the increase in Covid-19 cases, we will not be able to move to Stage F on the Roadmap until a later date. This announcement gives clubs clarity over the immedi-ate term to help them with their planning. 

“We will continue to liaise with the Department for Digi-tal, Culture, Media and Sport and Public Health England to accelerate a return to competi-tive play as soon as it is safe to do so.”

The rugby community can continue to organise non-con-tact fixtures with other clubs using ‘Ready4Rugby’ and other touch rugby activity. ‘Ready4Rugby’ is an innova-tive, new non-contact game en-abling two teams of up to 10 players to engage in training and match activity in their own club environment. 

Hunter revealed to the Voice that the club are intending on trialing the format this week-end and if it works well, they will pursue fixtures with other clubs under Covid-19 guide-lines.

“The first team and colts are playing a ‘Ready4Rugby’ game on Saturday between each other just to see how they get on with it,” he confirmed. “The club has looked into it and deemed it something that we want to pursue. If Saturday is a success, we might play against other teams such as Wadebridge Camels, who have declared interest in it too. It would allow the boys to play some games and that’s what they are training for.”

Hunter did, however, lament the ability of other sports to return whilst rugby has to sit on the sidelines. 

“The problem with rugby is that it is all about being with your mates and handshakes and and being social whereas football is getting away with hugging and kissing,” he joked.

“We have seen this summer with the cricket, it has been done really well, and I have watched as many games as I possibly can and it was so nice down there with a decent crowd down at the ground safely.”

By Sharon Sullivan 2nd October 2020

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