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More Train Halts

By Matt Dixon 10th February 2021

More Train Halts
Planning officers had recommended that Truro´s Pydar Street regeneration scheme would be approved

Two new railway stations in Truro would provide a greener alternative to traffic congestion in the city.

That is the view of mayor Bert Biscoe, who has aired his disappointment at the decision to reject the £170million-pound Pydar Street scheme last week. The loss of almost 700 car parking spaces was one of the reasons that the proposal was rejected.

Cllr Biscoe said: "The Langarth development would benefit from a halt at Hugus and if there was another stop at Pydar, suddenly we would have different means of getting into the city which would provide great alternatives to cars and lorries.

"I think it would be a great thing to do and would make trading even better. Truro would benefit and it would help to ease the loss of parking spaces." "The development would take years to build which would give plenty of time for the railway signalling to be updated."

The proposed scheme includes up to 320 new homes, up to 400 student bed spaces, employment space, a hotel, shops, restaurants and bars. The site would have also been home to The Hive – a new campus for Falmouth University.

Cllr Biscoe added: "The issue with the proposal was the mass and volume of what they want to put on the site. It is a matter of balance. The loss of car parking is an issue as there will be a number of people using electric cars in the future, but if we are going to try and improve the efficiency of Truro for trading purposes, then congestion is an issue. "

As a Truro councillor I want the development to happen. I was extremely surprised that it was rejected, rather than being deferred. The devil is in the detail. "The debate must continue and we must keep at it until we get it right.

In my opinion it should have been deferred. I sincerely hope that it can be revisited and it can still happen," he said. Loic Rich, another Truro-based county councillor, also hopes the scheme can still go ahead. "

We need private rental housing in the city so we must get it back on track. We should measure twice rather than cut once - we have to get it right but I really hope the planning committee looks at it again. A bit of compromise is needed to make it viable."

By Matt Dixon 10th February 2021

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