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News Archive > General > Tired Truro?

Tired Truro?

By Kirstie Newton 16th December 2020

Tired Truro?

A new study has named Truro as the UK’s most tired city, with residents 276% more likely to search for a fatigue-related term than the rest of the UK. 

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Pharma Nord reviewed Google search data to examine how many people have searched for fatigue-related terms - including “combat fatigue”, “insomnia” and “lack of energy” - since December 2019. The information reveals how concerns over tiredness have changed throughout the year and during various lockdowns.  

The search term “COVID fatigue”, one of the long-term side-effects of covid 19, increased by 317% between the announcement of the first national lockdown on March 23 and the end of November, and has doubled since the start of September. Dividing the results by population revealed Truro as the city with the highest percentage of people searching for tiredness questions and cures. 

However, the cause of tiredness is yet to be ascertained, and seems at odds with Cornwall’s tier 1 status and the South West region having the fewest cases of coronavirus by population. 

Dr Mark Crouse, a former GP who now runs a lifestyle medicine practice in Walsingham Place, says: “Ironically, as modern life has become more sedentary, so fatigue has increased. Feeling tired all the time is such a frequent symptom in General Practice that it has its own acronym: ‘TATT’. Although living in Cornwall means that we have potential solutions to feeling tired on our doorsteps, that does not mean we make the most of them.  

“We know outdoor exercise, sea views and watching wildlife can dramatically improve our energy levels, sleep, blood pressure and mood - yet modern life so often gets in the way. I’ve spoken to lots of people who have moved down from ‘upcountry’ for a better life, only to find themselves spending all their time connected to work on a laptop.  

“Connectivity is a double-edged sword - while it’s great to be able to be able to WORK in Cornwall, if we don’t make the most of LIVING in Cornwall, we will miss out on the uplifting, energising and feel-good natural resources the county is famous for.” 

Truro was followed by Ely and Newry as the most tired cities in the UK. The Welsh city of Newport was reported as the least tired city, 53% less likely to search for a tiredness-related term than the rest of the UK.  

In addition, searches for ways to “increase energy” fell 37% below average during August. This was attributed to several factors: coronavirus cases were at their lowest during this time; social restrictions were at their most relaxed since the start of the pandemic, contributing to lower stress levels; and good summer weather may have contributed to a higher quality of health, in particular sunlight creating more vitamin D. Further fatigue-reducing techniques include eating healthily, reducing alcohol and caffeine intake, and limiting stress through relaxation and organisation. 

By Kirstie Newton 16th December 2020

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