Local farmer’s novel pasty pairing is a social smash hit


A still from Paul George’s St Piran’s Day film

10th March 2021

By Matt Dixon

In a week when all things Cornish were celebrated, a Tresillian farmer gave the world a rather unusual take on the county’s treasured pasty.

St Piran’s Day is always a good excuse to sample the county’s signature dish, but Paul George presented a new twist – pour milk over it.

In a short film on Helluva Pasties’ social media channels, the dairy farmer takes great delight in talking us through his personal preference.

Whilst taking the pasty from his Aga, Paul sings a short song featuring the lyrics “Proper job thank for the Lord for Cornwall, proper job pasty in my hand.

He then sits at the table to eat it and says: “I’ve got a funny feeling that a lot of you out there haven’t learnt the proper way to eat a pasty yet.

“Chop ‘un up, scat ‘un right abroad, split ‘un open, ‘ansome. Once you’ve got ‘un abroad like that you can then add some milk. The finest quality Cornish milk you can get. We produce it here on the farm for Roddas Creamery.

Don’t be shy, spoil yourselves and put a nice drop on it. Pour over the pasty like so.
“Now, there’s a few benefits to this. One, it adds to the taste but secondly when you’re in a bit of a hurry and you want to get on and he’s piping hot, steam rising up, flying, I tell you what, he’s cooled down in no time and you can just get on and eat it.”

Paul sent the instructional video to the Callington-based bakery after they had asked customers to tell them how they liked to eat theirs.

They had asked for feedback because they had heard the occasional comment that people liked to put milk on their pasty.

Paul’s film was put on their Facebook page and was accompanied by the post: “It turns out that pouring milk on your pasty is more of a thing than we initially thought here in Cornwall.
“Here's an instructional video kindly sent to us by Paul George, a keen Helluva pasty lover, about pouring milk on your pasty.

“Are you going to give it a bash? Or are you already an avid milk pourer? Or has the whole thing shocked you to your core?”

Reaction to the posted video was mixed from Helluva Pasties customers.
Michael Evans said: “Milk is the best thing to drink with a pasty but I’ll be keeping ‘em separated thanks.”

Bonnie Walters said: “Never tried milk but I put vinegar on my pasties and get some funny comments.

“I think it’s a north Cornwall thing as was shown that over 30 years ago by a chap from up that way – have never had one without it since!”

Lisa Nelson added: “Had a hot milky pasty for breakfast yesterday! Best way to enjoy Cornwall’s finest. Bleddy ansome tis!”

To view Paul’s video, which has been the subject of national media interest from the likes of the Daily Mail and Daily Star, visit Helluva Pasties’ Facebook page.

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