COVID CRACKDOWN STUNS VILLAGE PUB - Health and safety ruling is costing ‘£1,000 a day’


Veryan’s New Inn publicans Colin and Suzanne Phillips Photo Ollie Young

7th July 2021

By Ollie Young

A pub landlord reckons he is losing up to £1,000 a day after a ruling saw his outdoor seating removed by environmental health bosses.

Colin Phillips’ New Inn pub in Veryan, on the Roseland peninsula, was ordered to get rid of seating set up to adapt to the pandemic.

An officer from the environmental health and licencing department of Cornwall Council said the chairs the pub had set up on the side of the road were a hazard for children walking on the pavement, where tables and chairs were also situated.

Mr Phillips told the Voice: “We have always had tables and chairs out the front of the building but when Boris Johnson announced he was relaxing the outdoor seating situation for premises like us so we can trade safely, we introduced the new tables and chairs.

“It transformed the village. So many people have said how brilliant it was. Even people who don’t use the pub have been talking about how great it is”

“This has ripped the heart out of the village, it really has. It built the community, now this decision has ripped the guts out of it. “

“It all just beggars belief. After the year everyone has had, Cornwall Council are supposed to be offering business support in the covid-era. How is this supporting us?”

The decision has outraged locals with many pointing to the transformative positive effect that the outdoor seating has had.

One resident said: “How to give a fantastic, closeknit community a dig in the ribs after 12 months of isolation and fear. What an utterly insensitive, ridiculous, thoughtless decision.”

Another noted: “A sad day indeed, this place gives life to the village. “We have witnessed the hard and exhausting work that has been put in to make a relaxing, safe and enjoyable place for all. “It has certainly slowed the traffic that sometimes flies down our road.”

Pub regulars have further thrown their support behind the popular venue, firstly by attending last Friday night with their own chairs to sit outside.

A petition has also been started in the local shop to support the pub with around 150 signatures already registering their support in less than a week.

This week, St Austell Brewery, who own the pub, were visiting to plan out how a possible new outdoor seating system could work.

Cornwall Council told the Voice: “Due to public safety concerns, we requested that the New Inn pub in Veryan removed its outdoor seating from the road and adjacent pavement. Staff were required to cross the road to serve diners on the tables that had been placed on the pavement opposite the premises.

“Some dining furniture had been placed in the road itself. The location of the furniture had serious safety implications for both members of the public and members of staff.”

The council added: “We are currently working with the premises and exploring options to see if outdoor seating can be provided at this location in a safe manner.”

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