City’s residents mourn the death of beloved alley cat who loved to stroll the streets of Truro


10th March 2021

By Matt Dixon

A much-loved alley cat who loved to stroll the streets of Truro has died.

Mr Jingles, who was partial to a visit to the Plaza Cinema before adjourning to nearby ASK restaurant, was a popular resident in Lemon Street in the later years of his life.

Andrea Drew, who looked after him from her Lander Mortgage Services office, said: “What a wonderful life Mr Jingles had! I was just one of his many ‘homes’ and he certainly was a town cat.

“I have heard that he spent time in The William and the One-Eyed Cat, before moving over to Lemon Street, where he settled with Rococo hairdresser and then came to us at Lander Mortgages. He enjoyed visiting the cinema where I believe he kept up with all the latest releases and popped to ASK for supper before heading back to the office.”

“We of course made him welcome, he had a cat flap fitted and we installed a bed next to the heater, however, he often preferred the “in tray” on our desks. During the lockdowns, I feel that he became a bit lost, although I came to work every day to check him and to make sure he had food and company, he really didn’t like it that all his other hangouts were closed.”

Andrea set up a rota to ensure that he was looked after every day, which included Christmas lunch so he enjoyed festive treats and celebrations.

She added: “He would be well known for his antics with dogs, and I have seen many a dog owner walk around him or into the road to avoid any conflict. He would get into people’s cars, and Nick, his previous owner, told me that he saw him sat on a Harley Davidson once.

“Our office will not be the same, without him and we are lucky that we had a team looking after him, Lorri did the weekends myself, Michelle and Anthony did the weekdays.

“We have been so touched by all the lovely comments on his Facebook page, the cards and flowers that we have received in the office, it just goes to show how many people enjoyed seeing him out and about in Truro.”

Andrea is now planning on putting a plaque on the railing outside our office in memory of Mr Jingles, who was believed to be 15 years old when he died.

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